Do you remember what it feels like to struggle? What if we could save just one person from feeling hopeless? These memories have made us more stronger, realizing that someone, somewhere is struggling to have what we have and struggling to get to where we are today. It can make your heart stop.

So who are we? Let me introduce you.

Hi. We are Ieros. Nice to meet you.
Greek: ιερος
Pronounced: ih r ä s
Definition: sacred, holy 

We give the gift of FRESH water to the people of rural India and other impoverished areas through the sale of apparel and small goods. The proceeds from your purchase helps us to fund the drilling of wells for the benefit of those in India and helps to spark the start of new opportunities throughout the world to make a difference.

What began as just an idea is now a reality.  We've been called to make an impact in this world and decided to start a clothing brand dedicated to changing lives. As we dive into this project, we look forward to partnering with you as we grow to make a difference.