Walk the Walk

Some people years ago encouraged me and lit a fire under my butt that changed me forever. That encouragement helped  me to do something about my passion which was to help people overseas while spreading the love of Christ ...SO I want to encourage you in the same way...

You know the saying "if you gunna talk the talk then you gotta walk the walk" we probably have all heard that at one point of our lives. When I use to hear it I used to want to do the duck movement with my hand and go blah blah blah, because at the end of the day it's so easy to talk and not do the very thing we are taking about. Let me get real....

We all say we have a heart to "help people", and to "see the world change". We all complain about something in the world that needs to be fixed BUT are we really doing something about it? The reason why problems in the world even get solved in the first place is because someone didn't like something and did something about it. The problem I always had when I wanted to do something andjust didn't end up doing it was for a few reasons: 1. I didn't know where to start. I have always loved helping people but didn't have any resources that were easy and right in front of me. 2. I was a bit lazy, I knew if I was to help I would actually have to put in work, and after a long day at school or work or even with the family that wasn't something always on the top of my priorities. 3. I was nervous or scared. Yes, to help others you have to sometimes be in situations or places that isn't the most comfortable, ahh yea kind of scary! 

Let me help you with these steps! Over the past 8 months me and my husband have given away most of what we own, lived and visited 7 countries, which are on 5 continents, in the craziest living conditions. I don't say this to brag, I say it cause it is scary!  Now I'm not saying get rid of everything and go overseas (unless you want to and in that case, right on:)!)  it's because that is not where I started. About 10 years ago I just simply started volunteering at my local church and helped with food pantries. Once my feet were wet, it was easy to jump on a bigger scale of getting involved. I know, that no one wants to be out of their comfort zone or go places were they don't know anyone. But all of this is a part of growth. And hey if I didn't help because I was scared, I wouldn't have served with teens at church years ago, and met my husband (that was for you singles) see serving pays off :).

So all to say

1.) Start small. Volunteer at a local church, organization, soup kitchen, ect.. To find things in your area just google what you are willing to do and there is so many resources at hand

2.) Get priorities together. You are no better or worse for as much time you put in, even if its once a month. The important thing is your sacrifice and hard work. Just a little effect goes a long way

3.) You are never alone. Serving is a way to meet new people that could turn into great friends. Enjoy being stretched. You can also invite your friends and family to go with you, this could actually be the push they needed to get involved too.

I believe that YOU can change the world!


Blog by: Patti Van Lange