Happy Mother's Day

Before we can talk, "I wonder if my Mom knows how wonderful she is, or how much she is doing it right even if she's doing it wrong."
At 3 years old, "Mommy, can you fix my sock?"
At 5 years old, "School is scary! Can you walk with me, Mommy?"
At 7 years old, "I want the gummy vitamins, Mommy!"
At 10 years old, "I don't want to eat the broccoli, Mom!"
At 13 years old, "Mom, you're not that cool."
At 16 years old, "Mom, leave me alone."
At 18 years old, "Mom, stop telling me to do stuff you think I will enjoy!"
At 21 years old, "Gosh, Mom! Do you ever stop?"
At 25 years old, "Mom, don't embarrass me." 
At 30 years old, "I have to raise my kids the way it's best for me, Mom. You're not always right."
At 40 years old, "Mom, how did you make that lasagna I always liked?"
At 50 years old - "Mom, it's so cool how we can just hang out and talk."
At 52 years old - "Mom, let me fix your sock."
At 54 years old - "Mom, let me walk with you."
At 56 years old - "Mom, you have to eat your broccoli."
At 58 years old - "Mom, you have to take your vitamins and medication."
At 59 years old - "Mom, you have to get better! Don't leave me!"
At 60 years old - "I wonder if my mom knew how wonderful she was, or how much she was doing it right even when she was doing it wrong."

Mom, there's only one you and you mean so much; we won't ever stop needing you. Keep on doing it right. Happy Mother's Day.



To you, Mom.

Ariel Mulchan