If The Shoe Fits

As a kid, we always admired mom's brightest red high-heels, or dad's busy work boots. Those are the shoes we would wear one day, if we hadn't already tried to debut our incredible big shoes around the house. This was our time to shine - nothing can stop us!


Then we grew up to a world full of stereotypes and preconceived ideas of who is who and what is what; then there is a carved out space that you're supposed to fit into. This space is often too small or too large, filled with more "who's" that already became someone and "what's" that already came to be. Figuring out our role in this pre-written story is more than a difficult task of trying to fit in and find a place. These are not mom or dad's shoes anymore, but are much more oddly sized. So what happens if the shoe doesn't fit?


If it isn't hard enough to find our place in the story we were given, there are constant voices about what we should do to become who we are supposed to be in the eyes of someone else. These judgmental remarks of how we need to define ourselves and what we need to do with our lives are more than a heavy weight on our shoulders. These burdensome voices filled with opinions have a way of sticking with you like a sore thumb in the most condescending of ways. Every time we get close to defining who we want to be or who we could be, the voices start getting louder and bring us back down into a wave of doubt. It takes a whole lot before we can figure out that finding our place in this world doesn't have to be this difficult.


Sure, life has difficulties, trials, and burdens, but there is so much more to defining who you are. Realizing that we don't have to fit into this preconceived space is a start. What if you defy what has already been determined? What if you break the rules? What if you shoot for the stars? What if you do something that changes the prewritten story we were given? On the day that we proudly walked in mom's high-heels or dad's work boots, we had such confidence and pride. Where did that go?


Maybe we don't fit in and then we choose not to because defining our path is so much better than following the rules that someone else said we would prefer to follow. Finding that doing things a bit [or a lot] differently than someone first told us, and that someone constantly reminds us of does not have to mean that this is a disaster. Every story is beautiful, some just take a different route to find it's destiny. 


So what if we do choose to go in a direction that really does change someone's ending? That is the story, not only worth writing, but a story worth telling.


Ariel Mulchan