Unseen Heroes

      Having traveled several countries throughout different continents I’ve expected to come across some different/weird things from foods, to manners, to languages, to way of living, ways of thinking, different religions… just different cultures. It’s absolutely awesome that I have had the chance to experience most of that with my partner and best friend, my wife. Recently I experienced something that hit me by surprise out of nowhere and it all stemmed form a conversation that I had with her due to the circumstances of our mission location. The conversation I had with her was real and eye opening to what still goes on to this day over a religion, and that is persecution.

       Upon arising one morning before heading to a gathering we seriously spoke about meet up locations in the case of being separated or having to flee the scene… We carried some of our valuables and our passports with us in the case of deportation… We put thought into what we wore and how we looked and even brought clothes to cover up. Now, thank God none of that was the case and after arriving we felt this peace and sense of security and that things weren’t that bad… and for us they weren’t. I share all this because that conversation is REAL and I felt what thousands have gone through and are still going through in many areas of the world thought many underground churches where it is not allowed. That blows my mind. A group of people who so truly believe in LOVE and loving your neighbor as yourself, who serve the needy, who feed the homeless, who clothe the naked, who visits prisoners, who follow the ways of the most selfless man,  and the list goes on and on…ILLEGAL. Many in time have died and been imprisoned /persecuted over this believe while many other religions and practices are not banned. That conversation helped me ask that scary question that some of us may have once been asked. Are you willing to suffer for what you believe in? In our case we were. Are we mega super heroes and deserve awards for it? Absolutely not. Does it scare me? Yes… But I so believe in what I believe in that we were still willing to go. This blog goes out to all those who do deserve awards, who are battling, going through storms to fight for what they believe in, in the midst of persecution for the sake of others. Not remaining in the safe comfort zones but who have really risked something to fight for their brothers and sisters. I pray for the underground church and those unseen heroes worldwide that have and continue to fight for others like He fought for us.



Post By: Adam Van Lange